Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Victory Today

My oldest has always struggled with brushing her teeth. This simple task has been complicated by her sensory integration disfunction. I have done everything I know to do to help her learn, but felt like she was destined to have false teeth. The past six months, she wouldn't let me brush for her. I think because she knew a 12 y/o should be brushing her own teeth.
So, today, she had a cleaning. I was prepared to get the talk from the dentist about how her teeth were not getting cleaned. After the dentist dicussed some orthodontic issues, I asked the hygenist what areas of her teeth did G need to pay special attention. I was shocked to hear, "None. She has been doing a good job."

This is a day to celebrate. Right up there with the first day that she was able to write an "s" between the lines.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Touring the house where my Grandma was born, married, and had her first child.

Today, I had the privilege of visiting the one of the oldest houses in C. It was built in 1915 and my Grandma was born there in 1917. It was restored in 2003 and my dad's cousin M lives there now.

What a treasure it was to hear all the stories and look at old pictures. My Grandma went with us and chimed in when she could add to the story or tell her own.

I would love to document what I learned today, maybe a scrapbook. I did get video and a few pictures. M said she would send me any pictures I need, either past or present.

G really enjoyed herself. She loves to read American girl stories and I think it reminded her of some that she may have read.

L, M, and O were more entertained by M's dog. L did perk up when we toured M's small garden. Also, when she showed us her worm farm. And they liked pushing phone books down the stairs. (It looked like a slinky.)

What a treat today was!!!! Some days are just special and today was one of them.