Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessings from the clothesline

Last month, my father in law mentioned that his power bill was back down to $50 where it should be.  I asked him how he did that because my power bill is never less than $100 and that is even with the air conditioner not running.  He said he doesn't use his clothers dryer.  I  thought, " Wow, if I could save $50 a month, I'd hang my clothes out to dry, too."

I decided to give it a try, thinking it was going to be very inconvenient, but worth a try.  The first day, I was excited, thinking about the money I might be saving.  As the days went by, I started to see some amazing benefits of not using the dryer. 

 First, I started to notice that some of the clothes we were wearing were not worth the effort  it took to wash them.  I started getting rid of even more clothes than I already did. I began to see the laundry as individual items, instead of a load of clothes that I put in the dyer.

Next,  I noticed that laundry was not piling up on the couch, waiting to be put away.  I did not want the clothes to stay out in the sun too long or stay outside and get dirty all over again, so I always brought them in and put them away.

I began to have a better laundry routine.  I needed to get them out in the morning sun, so I could put them away by lunch time, other wise I would forget about them, or get too distracted.  So every morning I was quick to get a load done and out on the line.  I even made sure to do a load before I left the house for the day, because I wouldn't be able to do it at night.  And I didn't want the laundry to back up.

I enjoyed an excuse to get outside.  I had just read Amy Grant's memoir, and she said that every day, the first thing  in the morning, she step  outside  and talked to God.  I found myself doing the same thing, and feeling refreshed.

Today, I am doubly blessed.  I opened my power bill to find a $59 bill.  I really didn't think it was right. I checked and double checked.  It was for a 30 day cycle and appears to be accurate.  Who knows what our bill will be next month, because I have only been hanging out the clothes for a few weeks.  

So what I thought would be a burden has become a double blessing!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Whenever I hear this song, ( see the previous post) I am transported to several times in my life that were "desperate days".    I learned early in life, that there was power in the name of Jesus and that if I could pray nothing else, just saying his name was more than sufficient.  

One of the earliest times I remember was on a sleepless night as a teenager.  I was anxious and could not even put my thoughts together to pray.  I remember lying in bed, just saying His name over and over.  Now I realize that it was an act of surrender and an act of humility.  I was "screaming from my soul... giving up control.  The only hope I knew was Jesus."

A few years later, I was a college student and had just heard that a very good friend's dad was in a serious car accident.  I couldn't talk, all I could do was  cry the name of Jesus.

Another time, I was in the delivery room having Levi.  I was not prepared to have Levi without an epidural, but was  forced to do it because of timing.  I called out repeatedly the name of Jesus.  I heard the doctor chuckle and tell me,  " He can't help you now."  I later found out that he was not a Christian, and he was not right!   Jesus did help me !

 The last  major time that comes to mind is when I found out that Olivia's cord had prolapsed.  I was on my knees with an oxygen mask on my face.  Again, all I could say was "Jesus" over and over.  My doctor was on the bed, too, frantically trying to keep pressure off the cord, giving orders to  everyone.  She took the time to ask," What is she saying?"  I had the feeling she knew that I was praying and she was glad that I was.  

So as I sing along with the song,   "Any desperate day, one word I can pray, all I know to say is Jesus." I mean it with all my heart.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jesus-Robert Pierre-with English subtitles

I will be writing about what this song means to me.

Look for it next.