Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Dog?

Our 4-H dog trainer informed me that she thought we needed a different dog. She was afraid that Lyla was going to hurt someone. She had seen the way Lyla responded to Grace, when Lyla did not want to obey anymore. I gulped and asked her what I should do next.

She said, " I will trade you dogs. I have a litter of puppies that will be ready in a few weeks and I have some adult dogs that might work."

After waiting a long week and a half, we finally made the switch. We now have a 3 year old boxer that we are trying out for a few weeks. She is the perfect dog. She has fallen in love with Grace and Grace feels the same way. We porbably will keep her. We just have to find out the details invloved. The trainer wants/has to breed her one more time, because of an agreement with another breeder. I need to know what money, time, and responsiblity will be required of us.

The dog's name is Rainy and her father is a world famous dog. He has more titles than I can name his puppies are sought after because of their temperment. We are blessed for the opportunity to have her.