Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God's Heartbeat

It was just the two of us. The others had gone to Night of Joy. We had already bought a new outfit and eaten supper. Now we were in a quiet house, with a few hours before bedtime. As we sat on the kitchen floor, chatting, she said, "Let's play the ukulele. I know how to play a few chords."

She ran to get it, unzipped the case and said, "It might need to be tuned." I smiled as she put the tuner on the ukulele and plucked a string. Then she announced, "The A string is good."

How does she know these things? The answer to that question flooded me with emotion. As she showed me the chords that she knew, all I could think about was how beautiful this moment was.

Yes, I do enjoy watching my 6 year old play an instrument, but the movie playing in my head was so much more precious to me. I was seeing a little sister watching her big sister play the ukulele. I was seeing a big sister hand her little sister the ukulele and show her how to play. And I was thinking about how valuable that time was.

The value was not in the information learned, but in how it was learned. It was learned through a relationship. God's heartbeat. I saw God's heartbeat that day!