Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Libby puts on her shoes

Olivia is the only one seen in this video, but really Mandi is the star. Her voice and expression are so cute.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Levi Made My Day

He made my day by telling me that I am a walking book recommender.

Here's why that made my day. I went to college to be a teacher. My favorite class was children's literature. It was like a whole new world was opened up to me. I started reading, collecting, and creating teaching material from children's lit.

Now I am thrilled to have a house full of children's lit readers. Levi has recently been reading lots of books and will often tell me that we need to go to the library right then because he is finished with all his library books and he needs more. He has realized that I know what kind of books he likes and usually asks me if I have any ideas.

I like the fact that he sees value in me and not just stupid mom, you don't know anything. I also like the fact that we share a common bond or interest. It is fun to talk about the books he is reading. We are on a quest together, to find more books that he will like.

Olivia at the golf course

Thank you Gidget for Entertaining Olivia

My three older kids were getting golf lessons and Olivia was being a bear. Nothing made her happy until Gidget said, "Libby, let me take your picture."

Homeschool Thoughts

Here are some thoughts I have about homeschooling my kids.

I will never let myself get stressed out about if I am doing enough or the right thing. I determined this when Grace was 5 and I realized that learning was going to be a lifelong struggle for her.

" A double minded man is unstable in all his ways" I use this when I keep second guessing my method or curriculum. It reminds me to pick one and apply it to it's fullest, to not be wishy washy.

My goal is for kids to always love learning. If I see them starting to despise something. I will either look for another way to do it, or just quit for a while.

My kids have the most valuable resource available, ME! It is a documented fact that direct instruction is the most effective method of instruction. Plus, the best curriculum in the world could sit on the shelf and be worthless. You have to have a parent or adult who is willing to take the time and do it.

We still haven't exhausted all the books in the library that interest us. I use this when I am thinking about buying a book or curriculum. I do sometimes buy books that are not available in the library or I will need for an extended period of time.

I want my kids to be producers, not just consumers. So I like it when I see them drawing a picture, writing a poem, making a card, or singing a song.

As much as possible, I want their writing to have a purpose and an audience.

My kids are alowed to read lower level books if they are interested in them. I read many books that are below my reading level.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Homeschool Curriculum 2007-2008

This is what we did this year.

Bible- Calvary Chapel Children's Curriculum, Memorized a verse for every letter of the alphabet. Memorized the
books of the Old Testament.

History- Read aloud living books about American History, (Sonlight 3 books)
Blogged about the books that we read
Memorized the 50 states in alphabetical order with the song, Fifty, Nifty United States

Science- Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Art- Gee art, on line art lessons. www.geeguides.com

Piano- The Musicademy Beginners Worship Keyboards Course, I had to present the lessons in an easier way
because it was written for adults.

Composers-Christian Kids Experience Composers ( Beta Yahoo group)

Poetry-Young Scholars Explore Poetry (Beta Yahoo group)

Language arts- Grace- Learning Language Arts Through Literature Yellow book
Total Language Plus- The Courage of Sarah Noble
Handwriting Without Tears
Lots of silent reading

Levi- Handwriting Without Tears
Total Language Plus- The Whipping Boy
Lots of silent reading

Mandi- My Father's World Kindergarten
Handwriting Without Tears
Lots of reading to mom

Math- Grace- Saxon math

Mutiplication flashcards
Mathisfun.com worksheets

Mandi- My Father's World Kindergarten
Mathisfun.com worksheets

My Homeschool Dream

Every year, I enjoy homeschooling more. Every year I see my children becoming a little more like the student I dream of them becoming. It is much slower than I thought it would be, but it is happening and it seems to be a deep part of who they are, not just memorized for a test or written for a one time report.

I dream of my children
-reading for pleasure and information.
-writing to communicate what is inside of them.
-working with numbers confidently as the need arises.
-participating in the arts without a fear of failure, but willing to take correction and work hard at what is important
to them.
-seeing all events in history as part of His story.
-seeing God's hand in the order and beauty in the world around us.

Mandi Sings

Mandi sings "How Great is Our God".

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Busy Day by Mandi

Mandi wrote this poem and wanted to read it to you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008