Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hillbilly Housewife

This week we are eating the $45 emergency menu from  There is no emergency in our household.  I just wanted to see how we would like the menu and if we could do it.  The $45 amount is really 2006 prices and now it is about $75.  But really it is less than that because she included items like salt and pepper and ketchup.

It is a weeks worth of beans and bread.  We are on day 5 and I have to say that the meals have been tasty and had variety.  I am shocked that all my kids have eaten all or most of their beans at every meal.  Last night we had creamed tuna over pasta, but only half of my family ate it.  
Everything is from scratch, so I have spent a little more time in the kitchen.  I made flour tortillas for the first time and they were delicious.  I also made skillet corn cakes for the first time.

We have not followed the menu exactly, but mostly.  We have eaten what we usually eaten for breakfast, but I did add a glass of orange juice every morning.  That has been a hit around here.  We added sausage to the beans one night because we had company and didn't want to give them just beans.

We also made the Magic Milkshake recipe that I found on the website.  It is like the Wendy's frosty and you make it without ice cream.  It was really tasty.

This is also the website that I used to learn how to make bread.  She has a beginner's bread recipe that is very easy.