Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Stars

Mandi and Levi both made the All stars this year. We had two tournaments today. One here and the other an hour away. I stayed here with Levi. He had a 10:00, 12:00, and 2:00 game. The last one had rain delay, so we were there until 6:30. Levi didn't play much. He is more of a substitute player.

Dick went with Mandi. She had a 10:00 and 2:30. Dick said she played very well. She plays second base and made some great catches and throws to get people out. She slid under the ball to be safe at second. I could tell Dick enjoyed helping to coach her team. They didn't win the last game but played really well.

We do it all over again next week and the next week. I am glad that someone is enjoying it. I
think I would if it wasn't so hot. I won't leave my dog out in this weather, but somehow we have to stay out in it all day long. The things we do for our kids.

Lyla 4 months

Lyla is changing everyday. Yesterday, she learned how to undo the latch on the gate outside. She was so excited when she ran into the front yard. She ran in huge circles non-stop. Then when I put her in the crate, she somehow undid the latch on it, too.

She was doing so well on her walk, but things are changing. Grace came home with the dog tags in her hand. Lyla had pulled so hard on the leash, she had stretched the metal ring into a skinny u-shape and broke free. She wanted to play with the dog next door.

That was the day I told Levi it was time for him to start rollerblading with her. He loves anything that makes him go fast and he is very good on skates so Lyla is a perfect fit. He is supposed to take her once or twice a day and then when we walk Lyla, she will have some of her energy used up.

Lyla still has to be on a leash around new people, especially little ones. She wants to play so much it hurts (them).

She can officially destroy anything she gets her teeth on. My Mom's shoes were gone in no time.

If she knows or thinks we have food, she is a perfectly well behaved dog. So, I am constantly looking the the next great treat for her. I am applying what I learned in a behavior modification class I took when Grace was 2. Reward good behavior and gradually, randomly take away the reward, until they do not know when they will get the reward, but continue the behavior in the hopes that this will be the time.

I am hoping Lyla helps me get in shape. As I said before, the Dog Whisperer says that a dog need two 45 minute walks a day. We are working up to that with her. She gets 2-4 short (10 min) walks a day. Sometimes I jog part of that time, which I would not be doing if Lyla didn't need it.