Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Maybe it is because she is my last baby. Maybe it is because she has the cutest smile ever. Maybe it is because she has her first loose tooth, (which she is ecstatic about by the way).

But today I today I looked at her teeth and was overwhelmed my their cuteness.

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I read this today in our read aloud, Peter Pan.

"She had come to save him, to give him her nest, though there were eggs in it. I rather wonder at the bird, for though he had been nice to her, he had also sometimes tormented her. I can suppose only that, like Mrs. Darling and the rest of them, she was melted because he had all his first teeth."

How lucky Olivia is to have a mom who is sometimes "melted because (s)he has all her first teeth."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God's Heartbeat

It was just the two of us. The others had gone to Night of Joy. We had already bought a new outfit and eaten supper. Now we were in a quiet house, with a few hours before bedtime. As we sat on the kitchen floor, chatting, she said, "Let's play the ukulele. I know how to play a few chords."

She ran to get it, unzipped the case and said, "It might need to be tuned." I smiled as she put the tuner on the ukulele and plucked a string. Then she announced, "The A string is good."

How does she know these things? The answer to that question flooded me with emotion. As she showed me the chords that she knew, all I could think about was how beautiful this moment was.

Yes, I do enjoy watching my 6 year old play an instrument, but the movie playing in my head was so much more precious to me. I was seeing a little sister watching her big sister play the ukulele. I was seeing a big sister hand her little sister the ukulele and show her how to play. And I was thinking about how valuable that time was.

The value was not in the information learned, but in how it was learned. It was learned through a relationship. God's heartbeat. I saw God's heartbeat that day!

Friday, July 15, 2011

That Girl!

My girl, Mandi, has taken to music like a fish takes to the water. When I watch her play, I get the feeling that every mother loves to get. I get the feeling that she is doing what she was created to do. She works hard, like 9 hours in a day hard, but she wouldn't do it if she didn't love it.

In one of my many searches for songs for her to sing, I found a worship singer named, Mandi Mapes. A line in her bio got me thinking. Mandi Mapes wrote, " Now, the joy that I have in Him surpasses any short lived happiness I’ve ever experienced in this life and it is my greatest privilege to take my lips and my guitar and make His glory known in coffee shops, music venues and living rooms all over the world. :)"

I thought, "You know, when I hear Mandi Mapes sing, I get the feeling that she is doing what she was created to do and now she is connected to her Creator. What could be more beautiful! All the distractions, lies, and destructive behavior that the enemy would have for her are being pushed out of the way. She is living in the way that her Creator intended for her to live and it is a beautiful thing. As she grows in the Lord, it will only become more beautiful!"

This is my prayer for my Mandi, that as she does her thing, making music, people will get the feeling that she is doing what she was created to do, that she knows her creator, that she has great joy in knowing her creator, and that they want to know Him, too.

Not only that, but that they will be inspired to find something that they were created to do, work hard at becoming great in it and bring glory to God in doing it.

I want to be like That Girl!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


I remember the sound of my shoes tapping on the terrazzo floor and the smell of dusty shelves. Everything was taller than me and no one talked to me. But I loved this place. My mom loved this place, so I did, too.

I do not remember ever checking out a book. But I do remember looking at the rows and rows of books and knowing that they were all there for me. They were all there for me to discover. They must be important if someone had taken the time to organize them on the shelves. I couldn't read yet, but I was drawn to all those books.

Now I find myself drawn to old books. The ones with black line drawings are the best. They may not seem like exciting books, but sometimes I discover an old way of thinking or speaking connected to a timeless truth. I feel connected to the time and the people who lived in that time. It feels like a treasure hunt.

The treasure I am finding is priceless.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mandi plays Jamaica Farewell

Mandi came up with the arrangement. It reminds me of a mission trip I took when I was 17.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you MCT!

Michael Clay Thompson is a man who has changed the way I educate my children. Maybe I should say, has confirmed my intuition about teaching my kids. He is a man who loves the English language and is able to convey his feelings to his readers. He writes in a way that is not insulting to a student's intelligence, yet he makes it easy to understand his point.

This past school year, I decided to focus on his first level of language arts books with my three oldest kids.

Now at the end of the year, their messy notebooks are filled with similes and poems that they have written. It is writing that they can be proud of.

They can tell you the most horrible grammatical mistake you can make in a sentence.

They have started to notice if a writer is a good writer or not.

They have started to appreciate classic literature.

They have started to value poetic elements and recognize some poets.

They have started a journey and I am thrilled to be taking it with them!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Fair Elementary Division First Place Winner

She pulled us aside and said, " I want you to know, you have been given a gift. You will always remember hearing this. Never sing anything that you do not feel in your heart. You can not give anything to the people, if you do not know it yourself."

Dick and I had been telling her, you will be there to give a gift to the people in the crowd. You want to give them the best gift you can. That is why you need to practice so hard and pick a song with perfect message.

She took our advice, listened to our suggestions and gave a passionate gift to the people at the county fair.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Dog?

Our 4-H dog trainer informed me that she thought we needed a different dog. She was afraid that Lyla was going to hurt someone. She had seen the way Lyla responded to Grace, when Lyla did not want to obey anymore. I gulped and asked her what I should do next.

She said, " I will trade you dogs. I have a litter of puppies that will be ready in a few weeks and I have some adult dogs that might work."

After waiting a long week and a half, we finally made the switch. We now have a 3 year old boxer that we are trying out for a few weeks. She is the perfect dog. She has fallen in love with Grace and Grace feels the same way. We porbably will keep her. We just have to find out the details invloved. The trainer wants/has to breed her one more time, because of an agreement with another breeder. I need to know what money, time, and responsiblity will be required of us.

The dog's name is Rainy and her father is a world famous dog. He has more titles than I can name his puppies are sought after because of their temperment. We are blessed for the opportunity to have her.