Monday, October 22, 2007

What is the paradox?

Why did I choose this name ? Well, paradoxes have always been my favorite part of the Bible. An example would be, in order to save your life, you must lose it. Much of our Christian walk could be considered a paradox.

I guess I like paradoxes because it shows that God is bigger than our understanding of Him. He is not boxed in to our view of what He should be like. He is so much better that we can even understand.

I choose to embrace the life that I have in Jesus, especially when it seems like a paradox.


Randy said...

I really like your explanation of your name. Well put. Mom

Roger said...

Howdy sister!
I hope to add your blog to my regular viewing. I like the title.

I've always liked the word "paradox" too. I learned it when we had Dachs, so I immediately connected with it being a pair of dogs.

Another paradox...Jesus says to turn the other cheek, but also says that he did not come to bring peace (references can be included, but I don't want to look them up at the moment).

Your little brother Rog