Thursday, November 29, 2007

Every life is valuable!!

When my youngest child was born and spent 11 days in the special care unit, I witnessed this firsthand. I met other parents whose babies were much sicker than my baby. I saw the gleam in their eye as they told me about their little one.

It was obvious that one 2 1/2 month old named Christian, had captured his mom's heart. She talked about how her life was so much better now that he was here. She was so in love with him and her life was so full with him in it. I could tell that she had grown so much and I saw her reaching out to her Heavenly Father and feeling his warm embrace.

I found out that this baby Christian had joints that would not move. His legs and arms were sticking straight up as he was lying on his back. He was not expected to live very long. His mom was facing this as a young single mother and all she wanted to do was be with her son. You really should have seen her face beam as she talked about his accomplishments, like gaining weight.

Recently, I watched a movie called 99 Balloons. It reminded me of my time with Christian and his mom, and my own experience with my youngest in the hospital. It is about a sick little boy and how his parents felt about him.

If you get a chance to watch it, be warned that you will cry, but you will be changed forever.

go to and then search for 99 balloons


Melissa said...

Hi! Welcome to blogging world! I'm enjoying your posts!!

5Gustos said...

I've seen that video before. It is so sweet and sad at the same time. Definitely not one to be missed.

Clunn Family said...

Beautiful...I thought he was going to make it! Broke my heart and lifted at the same time to see his parent's faith...