Friday, February 22, 2008

A trip to a gold mine

We are in Georgia right now. We are visiting my family in north east Georgia. Today we went to Dahlonega to a gold museum and a gold mine. We all enjoyed holding the one ounce gold coin that the ranger had in his pocket. It was worth nearly one thousand dollars. We couldn't believe that the museum had a gold coin collection that was worth 7 million dollars.

It just so happens that one of Levi's recent assignments was to find out his worth in gold, by his weight. I had tried to figure out online, but I was way off. The ranger helped us to figure out that he would be worth about $750,000 if he was made of gold.

The gold mine tour was interesting and sad. Many of the workers were either killed in the mine, lost their hearing, or died within two years of working in the mine because of the dust in their lungs. Also, young boys 8-12 worked in the mine running through the 5 miles of tunnels, warning the men that the dynomite was about to blast.


5Gustos said...

Enjoy your Georgia vacation! That's neat about the mine. We have been meaning to visit Dahlonega when we visit up there, but haven't yet. We'll have to go now, since reading your review.

crispy said...

Mines are fascinating. My family had an old mine back in the pioneer days in Washington.

I hope your visit is wonderful.


Tiffany said...

Tell Amy and Roger I said hello. I went to college for a year at North Georgia College and never did any of the mining stuff!