Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It was like a game show in my head!

There is a new game show on t. v. called, Game Show in My Head.  The idea is that the player has hidden headphones on and is hearing instructions from the host, to accomplish a difficult task in a short time.  If they do, they win money.  For, instance, one contestant was supposed to stand at a  the entrance to a restaurant and convince a person that was trying to enter, that they were not allowed to go in the restaurant.   Usually, people just look at them like they are  crazy.

Yesterday, Levi said he felt like he was on that game show.  Here is what happened.  The kids and I were on our  way to a cookout with some friends.  We were short on time and I needed to buy gas and pick up some potato chips.  I stopped at a convenience store, prepaid for the gas and bought the chips.  I put the chips in the car and drove off without getting the gas.  I realized what I had done just as I was driving down the road.  I decided to pull in to the shopping center next to the gas station, only to see that I could not get there from here.  I sat there looking at the empty pump, and knew that it was going to take a few minutes to get back there, because of how the road was designed.  I was going to have to drive down the road a bit, do a u-turn, and then wait at a light.

I sent  Levi to tell the attendant what I had done and that I was on my way.  He took off and soon I saw him standing at the pump.  I watched him as I tried to make my way back.  Everything was ok until I watched him from the light.  A car drove up to the pump.  I started praying that Levi would know what to do.  I saw him talking to the man and things didn't look right. The man just stood there.  He should have been getting back into his car, but he just stood there.  Then he leaned in to talk to the passenger in his car.  As I was finally driving up, I waved at the man and motioned, "It's me!"  He walked over to me and laughed as I told him I forgot to get the gas that I had paid for.  

Levi later told me, the man seemed perplexed as he tried to explain.  He also said he felt like he was on the game show and maybe the man thought it was some kind of hoax.  He said the man thought I was in the store, but where was my car?

I drove away, feeling  grateful that Levi was with me, because that could have really been a mess.


Julie said...

That is really funny! It's so good Levi was with you!

ann marie said...

That is so funny! I was so afraid you were going to say you ran out of gas. Levi must have looked pretty cute standing there trying to explain things, but you must have been nervous.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Too funny. nice job retelling it! Funny - how I picture Levi trying so hard to explain something so hard to explain to someone understandably having such a hard time understanding :)

Tiffany said...

What a great story! Levi is such a good sport. I'm sure the gas station people had a good story to tell too. :0)