Monday, April 6, 2009


Whenever I hear this song, ( see the previous post) I am transported to several times in my life that were "desperate days".    I learned early in life, that there was power in the name of Jesus and that if I could pray nothing else, just saying his name was more than sufficient.  

One of the earliest times I remember was on a sleepless night as a teenager.  I was anxious and could not even put my thoughts together to pray.  I remember lying in bed, just saying His name over and over.  Now I realize that it was an act of surrender and an act of humility.  I was "screaming from my soul... giving up control.  The only hope I knew was Jesus."

A few years later, I was a college student and had just heard that a very good friend's dad was in a serious car accident.  I couldn't talk, all I could do was  cry the name of Jesus.

Another time, I was in the delivery room having Levi.  I was not prepared to have Levi without an epidural, but was  forced to do it because of timing.  I called out repeatedly the name of Jesus.  I heard the doctor chuckle and tell me,  " He can't help you now."  I later found out that he was not a Christian, and he was not right!   Jesus did help me !

 The last  major time that comes to mind is when I found out that Olivia's cord had prolapsed.  I was on my knees with an oxygen mask on my face.  Again, all I could say was "Jesus" over and over.  My doctor was on the bed, too, frantically trying to keep pressure off the cord, giving orders to  everyone.  She took the time to ask," What is she saying?"  I had the feeling she knew that I was praying and she was glad that I was.  

So as I sing along with the song,   "Any desperate day, one word I can pray, all I know to say is Jesus." I mean it with all my heart.


Carolyn said...

As the scripture says, I have no greater joy than knowing that my children walk in truth. I cried. Thanks.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Beautiful post. Our pastor has shared along this line as well...Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

i remember you saying that in the delivery room with Olivia and I bet Levi's birth was unexpectedly natural to prepare you for Olivia's which was the ultimate natural delivery!!!