Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I found a way to make money by doing what I am already doing everyday, searching the internet.  I signed up for Swagbucks and use it as my search engine.  The more I use it, the more points I get.  Then when I have enough points, I will go shopping in the Swagbucks store.  I am planning on getting either the Target or Amazon gift cards.  They are 45 points for $5 gift cards.  I am hoping to be able to redecorate my house with the gift cards.  Maybe not redecorate, but buy new towels or kitchen gadgets.

I have made Swagbucks my home page and taught everyone in the family to search with Swagbucks, even if they are just checking their email.

If you decide to join, click here.  I will get get bonus points if you join from my referral.

Thanks if you join, and I hope you get lots of points.

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