Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's new?

Mandi, my 8 year old, can bake a loaf of bread, by hand, from memory, all by herself. It turns out great!

Levi has started reading classic literature for pleasure, like Robinson Crusoe, Sherlock Holmes, and Kidnapped.

Mandi led worship at church last week. Our worship leader was out of town. She played the piano and sang 4 songs. She even played quietly while her daddy was praying. I wanted to do that at her age but didn't have the confidence. She is very comfortable doing it.

I am so enjoying being frugal. It leads to a much simpler life and I get so much more done. We are eating healthier, spend more time together and the kids are learning more about living real life. I keep thinking about how lazy we Americans are. We will pay people to do so many things that we could easily do ourselves. We pay people to entertain us, when we could probably have much more fun if we would do it ourselves and we would be more connected to the ones we love. We pay for people to cook our food. I am noticing how often we buy plastic in various shapes and forms. I am thinking about toys, containers, office supplies. The list goes on.


ann marie said...

That is great about the bread baking. And the reading and the leading at worship. You have such nice kids. I think you are right, being frugal does lead to simplicity. Less clutter in the home leads to less clutter in the mind which makes everything better.

Julie said...

What a great update! Help me to simplify, I'm trying, but I'm not sure it's going so well!!

MyStory of HiStory said...

I've been in Austin but am back now & catching up here. I so agree w/ you here as it relates to frugality. I'm actually enjoying being frugal! Really, I am. I enjoy the simplicity it encourages too. I firmly believe that less is more ... more time, energy, money, etc.