Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Joy of Giving 2010

I had the chance to pick presents for 30+ kids. A member of our church shops for deals all year and donates items for prizes and presents. So this year at our Christmas dinner, we were able to give each kid a present. Since I am the children's pastor, I was in charge of deciding who got what. It was neat to realize that since I have a relationship with each kid, I knew what they would like. Each conversation we have had, made it easier and a joy to pick out their present. The joy came from knowing each child. The joy came from the relationship.

I am thanking God for the joy of giving, the joy of relationships this Christmas!


MyStory of HiStory said...

Love it! So true. The fact that you know each kid well enough to pick out a gift they'd like speaks volumes about the amount of time (key ingredient in any relationship) you've devoted to them. This subject of "time" has been on my mind a lot recently. Started to hash out a post about it - didn't get too far & ended up w/ one very short post called "Gifts Money Can't Buy" instead. But you've re-inspired me ... perhaps I'll try again......Time will tell :)

Randi Sue said...

Mystory of History, I knew you would agree with this thought. Glad it inspired you.