Thursday, January 17, 2008

Language is her playground.

Six year old M has always loved words. Rhyming words, rhythmic expressions, colorful word pictures all seem to just flow from her mouth. I've always said that she has no greater joy than to carry on a conversation.

So I was not surprised when...

In her kindergarten curriculum, she was supposed to read a list of words every lesson. As she read a word, I made a sentence with it. Well, she took over and started making sentences for the words as she read them. Then the sentences turned into pararaphs. The paragraphs turned into stories that incorporated more than one word in her list. The stories were usually funny or emotional.

At first, I was trying to hurry her to get through the list, but then I just sat back and let her enjoy herself. I ended up enjoying myself listening to her.

And guess what, we made it through the list in what seemed like no time. Time flies when your having fun!!!


Tiffany said...

Gracie wants to always draw really elaborate pictures on everything about everything she is learning. I should encourage this I know but I am such a get-it-done thinker. Your post inspired me to just let her draw sometimes. So, it takes a little longer. I think her joy should be worth it to me.
M is such a unique little girl. I know she adds something special to your family--they all do, I love your kids! I loved L's comment about the dog picture on my blog.

5Gustos said...

What a neat homeschooling moment!