Friday, January 25, 2008

My Grandma's birthplace

This is the house I wrote about earlier. The house where my Grandma was born, married, and had her first child. My Grandma is 90 years old and says she is happier than she has ever been. She gives all the glory to God and she is such an inspiration to me. In the picture, she is sitting in front of the original front door of the house. The front porch has been closed in so the door is inside now.
My girls are standing next to the child's drawing on the wall that the workers found when they tore off all the old wallpaper. It is a drawing of a house and some childish scribbling. The family thinks that my grandma may have been the artist since she is the youngest child.
My great grandfather owned the local newspaper and this small room was originally where the newspaper assistant slept. The bathroom was outside then, of course.

Later, all five children put their money together to buy their parents the sink. It was put in down low to accomadate the children of the family. The tub is low, too. Before the tub, all the girls took a shower under the back porch. The boys took a bath in the lake once a week on Sunday. The shower and the lake are still there.


Tiffany said...

How neat to know the history of a house. I can't remember where you said this place was. Does your grandma still live there? (can't remember that detail either)

5Gustos said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures you've added to your blog! It's fun and easy, isn't it?

Julie said...

I LOVE this kind of thing! Have you guys read the book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton?

crispy said...

Family history is great. To see how God weaves it all together. So neat.