Friday, April 4, 2008

Baseball Season

This our family's first baseball season. Mandi and Levi are playing. Dick helps out any way he can. He is pitching for Mandi's game. The rest of us come to socialize and watch the game. Granny T and G-Pa are the kid's adopted grandparents. We were blessed to be able to spend a few days with them last weekend.


Tiffany said...

Mandy looks like she's having fun! So does Levi. I grew up at the ballfield playing and watching. Someday I'd like my kids to try it.

Lady G~ said...

AWE... how sweet! I remember when ours first started playing ball. Four out of five are still at it! Enjoy it, they grow up too fast... *sniffle, sniffle, wiping a tear*

5Gustos said...

You all look like real Pros out there. Great family time and togetherness!