Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday, I cleaned out our homeschool shelf. One of my favorite things that I found was some writing that Levi had done when he had just turned 6. His handwriting was so cute. I could just see him concentrating, sticking his tongue out as he wrote. It gave me a window into his world at that time and mirrors his life now. You can tell that what was important to him: his computer, moving fast, playing with his dog, spending time with his dad, caring for his sisters, reading books, categorizing, and nature.

Here's what he wrote.

My favorite computer game is Freddie Fish 5.

I like to ride my bike on the street.

Rosie is big. Rosie is fun. Rosie jumps on people.

Mandi screams at nap time.

Dad comes home at 8 or after.

I read 4 books today.

A brown cow is a clown.

Mandi got poked in the eye.

The bird is eating his food.

I like to play soccer.

We have a tire swing.

Lizards eat bugs.

The water hole was getting smaller.

The zoo keeper said good night.

I have a dog.

Grace wants a cat.


ann marie said...

That's cute.
I love looking at all of my kids old stuff. And I know they love looking at it too. They are always shocked to see how far they have come. I don't think they realize it until they see it on paper.

MyStory of HiStory said...

So neat how you/we can learn so much about & get to know our children better by "studying" things they write & make :) ... and so homeschooling works both ways! :)

chewhi said...

memories are great!

Tiffany said...

Really cute!

Leaders In Learning said...

Cherish those treasures! And bring them out when times get tough. That's what I did as my son got older.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

that seems really good for a 6 year old- go Levi- my Levi is a little behind, mostly because I might have become too relaxed.