Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Thoughtful Child

I am reading Emil and the Detectives to the kids.  Last week, a passage in the book really touched me, because it reminded me of my Levi.  

In the book, Emil is taking the train to his grandma's house.  On the way, a man steals the money he is supposed to take to his grandma.  He decides that he will catch the thief himself, and enlists the help of the local children.

One of the boys asks Emil about how he gets along with his mom.  Emil says she lets him stay out until 9, but he comes by 7 because he can't stand the thought of her eating by herself.  He says that she gives him money for a field trip and he always brings most of it back, because he knows how hard she works for the little money she has.  That is what reminded me on Levi.  He is thoughtful.

Then, we went to a birthday party on 80+ acres.  He asked me if he could go in the woods with some of the kids.  I said yes and when he got back he said, "Mom, did you know which woods I was talking about?  I was worried that you didn't know."

Later, he went with a group of kids to another part of the property.  About 15 kids piled into a Suburban with 1 adult.  When they reached their destination, everybody jumped out and Levi asked the adult, " Maybe we should get a head count."  The adult said, "That's a good idea."

Then when they took a group picture, Levi said, "I think now would be a good time for a head count."

I also heard that Levi was taking good care of Mandi the whole time, just like his dad told him to do before we left.  

I left the party, feeling proud of my "Thoughtful Child".


ann marie said...

This was really touching to read and since I already witnessed him being a total sweetheart to your daughter, at the playground, this doesn't surprise me at all. I love hearing these things about boys. I love when they are sweet and sensible. I've never met your husband, but I'm guessing he is just like that.
I loved those pictures below of the riding. Very pretty.

Julie said...

AWW, that is so sweet! Levi has such a sweet face to go with his personality too!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

that is really sweet. And how blessed you are to have a great picture of you and your kids.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Thoughtful - & responsible! That's great! :)

Randi Sue said...

Responsible is a better description. Thanks Mystory of History.