Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alien Kids

This Sunday, we start a new series in children's church. It is really more than a new series, really a revamped children's church. Every so often, I get inspired to redo the way we do things in children's church. So a few months ago, I started researching and planning. We will be using High Voltage Kids Ministries Curriculum and the first series is Alien Kids. We will be learning how we are different as Christians. I had invitations made with the Alien Kids logo. The kids were excited when I gave them out last week. I told them to invite their friends and they will earn points to spend in our new prize store. They will also earn points by coming, winning games, memorizing verses, and participating. Right now, we have less than 10 kids on any given Sunday. I am expecting and praying for at least 20 kids to attend Alien Kids.

I think about those kids while I am looking for new music, buying the Alien themed gifts to give them each week for coming, studying the lesson, finding puppeteers and actors, designing and ordering t-shirts that they can earn, and planning the decorations.

I need to finish this post because, it is time to finish preparing for Alien Kids

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