Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who's the boss?

This is what we are teaching Lyla. So far she seems to get that I am the boss, but she thinks she is the boss of the kids. They are scared of her if she gets in one of her aggressive moods. She is playing, but she thinks she is dominant. We are learning how to show her otherwise.

Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer, says the most important words to remember when owning a dog are Exercise, Discipline, Affection in that order. The exercise comes from at least two daily long walks, the discipline comes from rules, boundaries, and limitations, and the affection is hugs, and cuddles or the part that we want to do first.

We are working on getting the walk down. Who would have thought that just getting a puppy used to a leash would take over a week. She still doesn't always cooperate on the walk, but at least she doesn't attack the leash and look like she is a tornado.

Lyla knows that she has to sit to get what she wants- food, to come inside, a treat. She has learned to come when called (most of the time). She is learning that the person goes in or out the door first. She is not allowed to roam all over the house. She is either in her crate or she is is a small gated area in the living room. And of course, she is learning to potty outside and not in the house. She is doing well for us, but did not do well at my parent's house when the watched her for us.

We have no problem with the affection part.

She gained 2 pounds in one week and now weighs 12 pounds.


MyStory of HiStory said...

aaahhh. Puppies are such fun - but a lot of work too! Happy housetraining! :)

Melissa said...

Pictures - please!

Randi Sue said...

My camera broke the day we brought her home and for some reason videos won't load.