Sunday, June 15, 2008

Homeschool Curriculum 2007-2008

This is what we did this year.

Bible- Calvary Chapel Children's Curriculum, Memorized a verse for every letter of the alphabet. Memorized the
books of the Old Testament.

History- Read aloud living books about American History, (Sonlight 3 books)
Blogged about the books that we read
Memorized the 50 states in alphabetical order with the song, Fifty, Nifty United States

Science- Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Art- Gee art, on line art lessons.

Piano- The Musicademy Beginners Worship Keyboards Course, I had to present the lessons in an easier way
because it was written for adults.

Composers-Christian Kids Experience Composers ( Beta Yahoo group)

Poetry-Young Scholars Explore Poetry (Beta Yahoo group)

Language arts- Grace- Learning Language Arts Through Literature Yellow book
Total Language Plus- The Courage of Sarah Noble
Handwriting Without Tears
Lots of silent reading

Levi- Handwriting Without Tears
Total Language Plus- The Whipping Boy
Lots of silent reading

Mandi- My Father's World Kindergarten
Handwriting Without Tears
Lots of reading to mom

Math- Grace- Saxon math
Mutiplication flashcards worksheets

Mandi- My Father's World Kindergarten worksheets

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