Thursday, June 19, 2008

Levi Made My Day

He made my day by telling me that I am a walking book recommender.

Here's why that made my day. I went to college to be a teacher. My favorite class was children's literature. It was like a whole new world was opened up to me. I started reading, collecting, and creating teaching material from children's lit.

Now I am thrilled to have a house full of children's lit readers. Levi has recently been reading lots of books and will often tell me that we need to go to the library right then because he is finished with all his library books and he needs more. He has realized that I know what kind of books he likes and usually asks me if I have any ideas.

I like the fact that he sees value in me and not just stupid mom, you don't know anything. I also like the fact that we share a common bond or interest. It is fun to talk about the books he is reading. We are on a quest together, to find more books that he will like.


Julie said...

How rewarding!

Tiffany said...

You ARE a great book recommender and it's awesome that he knows it! It's nice to have read a lot of books and be able to recommend them and know what your kids are reading. I'm reading EGGS right now because Hannah is reading it for book club at the library and I want to know what she is reading AND--it's one I haven't read.

ann marie said...

You commented on my blog recently so I just clicked on yours. Those pics of your daughter in previous post are adorable.
And so nice when our kids acknowledge us for more than just being the chef in the house.

5Gustos said...

That is SO neat! I am sure our kids appreciate us more than we will ever know, but when they tell you they do? Priceless!!! I always enjoy the books you recommend me as well.