Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homeschool Thoughts

Here are some thoughts I have about homeschooling my kids.

I will never let myself get stressed out about if I am doing enough or the right thing. I determined this when Grace was 5 and I realized that learning was going to be a lifelong struggle for her.

" A double minded man is unstable in all his ways" I use this when I keep second guessing my method or curriculum. It reminds me to pick one and apply it to it's fullest, to not be wishy washy.

My goal is for kids to always love learning. If I see them starting to despise something. I will either look for another way to do it, or just quit for a while.

My kids have the most valuable resource available, ME! It is a documented fact that direct instruction is the most effective method of instruction. Plus, the best curriculum in the world could sit on the shelf and be worthless. You have to have a parent or adult who is willing to take the time and do it.

We still haven't exhausted all the books in the library that interest us. I use this when I am thinking about buying a book or curriculum. I do sometimes buy books that are not available in the library or I will need for an extended period of time.

I want my kids to be producers, not just consumers. So I like it when I see them drawing a picture, writing a poem, making a card, or singing a song.

As much as possible, I want their writing to have a purpose and an audience.

My kids are alowed to read lower level books if they are interested in them. I read many books that are below my reading level.


Julie said...

I especially love the "producers not consumers" part!!

Tiffany said...

Great post and very inspirational! I have a lot of similar thoughts myself.

chewhi said...

I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment as I've come across your blog in the typical round robin way. I loved this post. My kids are homeschooled teens and this way of thinking will hold you steady for years to come, believe me. My main keypoint was teaching a love of learning too. Though I have been stressed at times, this same thought pattern has sustained me. We may not have completed each and every workbook we've ever had but you will still find my kids going to the library, even without me!