Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July Parade

We enjoyed a hot, Georgia 4th of July parade. My two nephews Ezra and T. J were in the wagon and my brother J. R. and his wife Kayla were walking in the parade. My brother Anthony is pulling the wagon. His wife Jennifer was also walking with them, but is not pictured.

I am standing by my mom, pointing out the parade walkers, Grace is standing by my sister, Nadia and Mandi and Libby are watching, too. Levi is not in the picture.


Tiffany said...

Does your brother live up there too? I assume so since he and his family are IN the parade. I love all these pictures. Ollie was happy to see Nadia. I was letting him know how great she's doing up there.

Randi Sue said...

Yes, all three of my brothers live up there.