Friday, July 4, 2008

This week...

On Monday we celebrated my birthday with a meal at my parents house and my mom made me a cake. My brother Roger and his family came over. Oh, and we walked downtown and my mom bought all the kids a webkin.

Tuesday, we went to the library's summer program and checked out books. At night, my brother's J. R. and Anthony and their families came over for dinner.

Wednesday, we went to a free movie at the movie theater and had lunch with my brother J. R. and his family. Grace and I went to a class on jewelry making for tweenagers at the library. It was fun and nice to go without the little ones. Grace and I checked out more books.

Thursday, we went with my dad to a sliding rock where the kid waded, climbed on rocks and Grace and Levi slid down the rock a few times. They would have done it more, but the water was about 40 degrees and it wasn't even that warm outside. It was relaxing to be there. My dad was glad he had brought his trout fishing equipment, because they had just stocked the stream with trout. He caught 6 trout and we ate them the next day. Yum!

Today, we watched the parade, and will have a cook out tonight with J. R. and Anthony's families.

All week we have had fresh vegetables from my dad's garden. We picked blackberries and my dad made blackberry cobbler. Yesterday, Mandi picked flowers for a fourth of July bouquet. We put fresh mint in it so it would smell good, too.

Mandi and Levi have enjoyed catching fireflies, too.


oneblessedmamma said...

Catching fireflies was Mimi's favorite part of our whole trip. EVERY night she'd go out and catch as many as she could. Funny, isn't it, the simple things that they love to do? I'm glad you guys are having a good time ;-).

ann marie said...

That sounds like a pretty perfect week!

GardenofGems said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time. Just don't have too much fun. We want you to come back home. At church yesterday Evan said, "I miss Libby".

DebiH. said...

What a wonderful week! I loved sliding rock when I was a kid :) But it is sooo cold! Enjoy your family.

Julie said...

What wonderful summertime fun!