Friday, March 7, 2008

Olivia's birth continued 2

The day before my due date, I woke up with signs of early labor. I spent the day relaxing, drinking lots of water, walking, and timing contractions. They were progressing slowly, and by about 7p. m., my doula, or childbirth partner, convinced me that it was time go to the hospital.

After getting checked in to the hospital, I was 4 c. and my water was just trickling out. I was just getting settled into the labor room when my water gushed out. I felt like something thumped inside of me and would in a few minutes find out what it was. The water had some staining, so the nurse put a fetal monitor on my belly.

After a few minutes, the contractions became more intense and the nurse decided to see if I had dialated any more. I don't remember the exact word she said, but I will never forget the intensity in her voice. She told me it was very important for me to lay on my side and that she had to push the cord back inside me.

From then on, everything was like an organized whirlwind. My doctor, who just happened to to be standing outside my door, came in. I heard the nurse say, "Doctor, get your gloves on NOW!"

That thump that I felt when my water broke, must have been the umbilical cord slipping down below the baby's head into the birth canal and this was not good.

More to come


5Gustos said...

That must have been so scary.

You must have been taking writing classes lately in serial story-telling. You've left us hanging with a cliff-hanger for sure. Hurry back with the rest, okay? ;-)

Mom said...

I am so proud of you that would take that "lonely" experience and use it to bless people. An experience of eternal value. Mom

crispy said...

When do we get the rest of the story???