Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our favorite podcasts

Here are some of the itunes podcasts that we have used more than once.

This is a 6 year old boy reading popular children's picture books. He reads so well and I love hearing Olivia quoting stories with the same expression. We also have checked out quite a few of the books that he reads and that is even more fun.

Focus on the Family on onepplace.com
Every week you can download that weeks episodes of the Focus on the Family radio show. I love listening to these while I am doing dishes or driving. They only keep one week's shows up at a time so I check back often.

Coffee Break Spanish
These lessons are aimed at the beginner and last for 15 minutes. I have listened to the first four and so far I like them.

Karen andKids

Karen and a group of kids talk about Bible stories and Bible verses. This includes fun songs and Bible stories.
Olivia and Mandi like to listen to it to go to bed.


crispy said...

We hardly ever use the ipod. I should look into using it more.

DebiH. said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Adventures in Odyssey also has podcasts and I have also found several that are great encourragement for moms.

Tiffany said...

How do your kids listen to them? Straight off the computer? On an ipod with speakers? Just curious.