Sunday, March 30, 2008

Using the internet to homeschool

Here are some of the websites/programs we are using right now on a regular basis.

Calvary Chapel Children's Curriculum- We are using this to read through the Bible. It includes daily Bible reading, review questions, a coloring picture, and review games. Right now, I just read the Bible selection to them and and we talk about it. Sometimes I print a coloring picture for them to color while I am reading. We are almost through the Old Testament and have really enjoyed the selections. We will be starting the New Testament soon.


Dance Mat Typing

This is online typing lessons for kids. All my school age kids love doing it and are doing well.

Master World Geography in Just 7 Months


This is an ebook that you download and follow a systematic plan to learn world geography by continents. Each month you study a continent. The first week you take a test/play a game to determine your baseline of your current knowledge for that continent.
Week 2 you choose 2 or 3 additional games to learn the geography of that area.

Week 3 you print a map of the continent and the student fills them in from memory.

Week 4 the student tests their knowledge by playing against other players.

More detailed instructions and all the links are included in the ebook.

Levi and I are doing it and we are starting our third continent. Of course, he loves the fact that he is ding better than I am. This program is exactly what I was looking for and I was thrilled to find it.


Web Rangers

This is really just for fun. Each kid signs in and becomes a junior National Park Ranger. Then they can choose from a variety a tasks to complete and receive badges. This includes American history, nature, geography, and anything that you might learn at a national park. The kids enjoy it and I like seeing proof that they are learning history and science in our homeschool studies.


These are 16 online art lessons. They are fabulous, interactive animated movies and activities. It includes art history, appreciation, and methods. It cost 27.98 for a one year license.


Leisa said...

I cant make this link work. is it a blog or a website? Thanks for posting the itunes faves. I ran across a blog that is about homeschooling using itunes and podcasts. I will post it sometime this week.

Randi Sue said...

I am having problems getting it to work. Sorry.

Melissa said...

Great ideas! Thanks!

Julie said...

These sound great...I plan on checking them out soon!

Lady G~ said...

Great post. I plan on checking out the links. Is there a fee for each link?

Randi Sue said...

All the links are free except the art lessons and they are well worth the money.