Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who are you glad to see?

After Olivia was born, she spent 11 days in a hospital 40 minutes away from home. So I spent many hours in that large hospital, catching every minute I could be with her. After a few days, I began to have an overwhelming feeling of loneliness, a very unfamiliar feeling for me. I wondered what was going on? Every morning, as I walked through the hall, I was surrounded by people, yet I felt so alone. As I rode the elevator, as I checked in to the special care nursery, and as I made my way to Olivia, I felt alone. The nurse on duty would fill me in on Olivia's night, I still felt alone.

Finally, I realized, no one in that hospital even knew my name. No one was glad to see me! Oh how I longed for that connection with people who were glad to see me. It brought tears to my eyes to think that there are people who feel that way every day of their life. Right then and there, I determined to make sure people knew that I was glad to see them. It was encouraging to realize the value in a warm welcome and that if I can do nothing more than be glad to see someone, I have done a great thing.


5Gustos said...

Isn't it amazing how our personal experiences, especially trials, can change us forever! You are a special lady. I like to see these glimpses inside your head.

crispy said...

I was encouraged by your friendliness to me when I meet you at the park. I have been new so many times and I know what it is like to feel like the outsider.

I love to connect with others and have a meaningful conversation. I love when I get to see my family after years of being apart.

My girls love to watch Daddy pull into the drive. They love to have him come home for the day.

I love to see dear old friends that we can pick up right where we left off.

Julie said...

Randi Sue,
I love this post!